How to Streamline Property Maintenance at Your Orange Park Properties

How to Streamline Property Maintenance at Your Orange Park Properties

Are you struggling to keep good tenants in your property long-term?

Then you could be making one simple but big mistake. Not prioritizing property maintenance.

Tenants want to live in a well-managed and maintained property. But if you or the property isn't meeting their expectations, they will pack up and leave.

In this article, we give you a few easy solutions to help streamline routine maintenance. We cover time management and planning, and how to improve communication with tenants. Read on to kick-start your new maintenance plan!

Investment Property Maintenance Plan

The key to good property management is having a comprehensive plan to care for your property. Outline all the necessary maintenance tasks and how frequently they need to get done.

Time and task management are key to getting organized. Try out different methods, like time blocking, to see which method works for you.

The plan should also include a detailed financial forecast. Budget for routine maintenance as well as saving for emergencies.

Having maintenance funding already saved minimizes interference and building downtime. This will improve your tenants' experience and quality of life.

Make sure that you consider any unique or unusual needs that your rental property might have. For example, a historical property may have original features that need protection. These may need more time or financial resources dedicated to them.

Property Maintenance Inspections

The key to catching problems early is doing regular inspections. Do these inspections at least once a quarter. Although, high-use properties like commercial buildings may need them more often.

When checking the interiors, take a look at the overall condition of the investment property. It should look presentable, with paintwork, furniture, and appliances in good condition.

Inspect the water and electrical systems, as well as any HVAC units that you have. Take care with safety and security features, such as alarms and smoke detectors.

Check any landscaped areas and the exterior of the building as well, including the roof. Rooves often get forgotten but leaks can cause huge amounts of structural damage.

If you don't have time to do inspections yourself, hire a property management company. These service providers have the expertise to make sure everything is well taken care of.

Use an Online Tenant Portal

An easy way to improve your maintenance request system is to upgrade to an online tenant portal. Investing in this software allows you to log and track requests from a large number of tenants.

It simplifies communication, as it is easy to update them with the messaging system. You will also have a record of all requests and conversations. So you are covered if you need evidence regarding maintenance during any disputes.

Streamline Your Property Maintenance

Being proactive and implementing the strategies above will help you master property maintenance. They will also help you to save time and money, which is always beneficial!

Working with a property management company can help with all these areas. Here at PMI Davis Realty, we are proud of the wide range of services we offer to make your life easier.

We are experts in everything from property maintenance to tenant management. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation with one of our team.